A promotional image of Verkami, one of the existing collective financing platforms in Spain. Verkami

Last May, the members of Riot Cinema, one of the youngest teams in Spanish cinema, were getting ready to start filming the science fiction movie El Cosmonauta . They had acquired two authentic space suits, had 120,000 euros and a Russian investor had committed to provide another 120,000. But at the last moment the foreign co-producer withdrew claiming liquidity problems. The project had to be canceled. Or not?

We launched a desperate campaign for fans to save the film “Then we launched a desperate campaign asking our community of supporters to help us save the film”, recalled on their website the Riot Cinema components, still amazed by “the passion and the commitment ” with which his friends and admirers responded to the call. In three days, the project received 131,000 euros that allowed the film to end and arouse the interest of the media for this new model of ‘micro-donations’.

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