Pérez Lapazarán y Palacios, Navarre senators with the greatest patrimony


The Navarrese senators have made public this Thursday their declaration of activities, goods and rents, among which stand out those of the ‘popular’ José Ignacio Palacios and José Cruz Pérez Lapazarán, since they are located as the Navarrese elected with greater patrimony.

In particular, José Ignacio Palacios has declared 445,482.25 euros in the total balance of their bank deposits, and has received in the last year rents of 3,156.93 euros for dividends of shares listed on the stock exchange, 1,560.53 euros for interest on accounts , and 7,391.5 euros for housing leases.

As for properties, it declares a house with a garage in Huesca acquired in 1981, another house in Tarragona acquired in 1986 and a parking space in Navarra acquired in 1990. It also declares the ownership of a house in Navarre by inheritance, 50 percent, and another house with a garage in Madrid, at 50 percent.

In addition, Palacios has shares and securities for 42,442.05 euros and owns an Audi A6 of 1995. It also declares a pension plan of 176,322.96 euros and a pension plan for 11,453.50 euros.

On the other hand, the senator of the PPN resigned in 2008 to be a director and president of Tasaciones y Consultorias SA, owned 50 percent by public companies of the Government of Navarre.

The other senator of the PPN, José Cruz Pérez Lapazarán, received in the last financial year 67,537 euros for his membership of the board of directors of a company authorized by the Senate, plus another 9,500 euros from his parliamentary group, 12,826 euros of perception by seniority of official, 2,228 euros for dividends in shares, and 707 euros for interest and income.

Pérez Lapazarán is a member of the scientific committee of ICAM without remuneration and is a board member of the Viscofan company, “of completely private capital and without any relationship with the public sector”, as he states.

As for the real estate, he states that he owns an apartment with a garage in Huelva acquired in 1992, a flat apartment in Madrid acquired in 1998, and urban estates in Guadalajara acquired in 1984. In addition, he declares by inheritance a 1/8 of one floor in Madrid and another 1/8 of a floor in Guipúzcoa.

Pérez Lapazarán also has 156,451 euros in bank accounts and more than 80,000 euros in pension plans. It also declares 73,869 euros in shares and owns an Opel Insignia of this same year.

For her part, UPN Senator María Caballero, declares ownership of a semi-detached house in Mutilva acquired in 2003 and a studio in Madrid acquired in 2009. She also has two mortgage loans, one of 190,000 euros, of which she has an outstanding balance of 178,000 euros, and another loan of 194,000 euros from the one that has pending 26,000 euros.

Regarding bank deposits, María Caballero has 73,000 euros in current accounts and 13,100 euros in deposits and funds. It also has 2,500 euros in shares in Banca Cívica and two cars, a Citroen C3 and a Volkswagen Passat. Finally, it declares a participation of 8,000 euros in the limited company Generación TC.

For his part, the socialist senator, Javier Sanz Carramiñana,

For his part, the socialist senator, Javier Sanz Carramiñana,

It declares ownership of 50% of two homes, one in Navarra acquired in 1994 and one in Gerona acquired in 1993. It also has a rustic land in La Rioja at 50%.

He is also a board member of the Esteley company and has a 50 percent stake in its capital stock, valued at 3,000 euros. The company does not have contracts with the Administration.

Finally, it has 36,510.25 euros in savings accounts, as well as a BMW car of the year 1999 and a Volkswagen Beetle of 1968 acquired in 2002.

Finally, the regional senator for Navarra, Pedro Eza (UPN), declares income received in the last year of 44,140 euros as Navarra’s parliamentary representative, 24,650 euros for UPN and 7,002.24 euros for seniority and degree in education.

It also declares ownership of a single-family home in Navarra acquired in 1992 and has a total of 4,534.15 euros in current accounts. It also has two cars, a BMW 525 Touring acquired second-hand in 1996 and a Peugeot 206 acquired in 2003.

It also declares a mortgage loan for 167,134.10 euros, with an outstanding balance of 144,497.21 euros. He also has two personal loans for 37,000 and 14,000 euros and a bridge loan for 30,000 euros. He owns two solar panels since June 11, 2006 with loans from Caja Navarra.