Pension Plans

Pension Plans


  • What is a pension / prevision plan?It consists in the periodic contribution of some amounts that will allow it to constitute a capital, as a supplement to retirement.

    Although the objective of both products is the same, Los Planes de PrevisiĆ³n are exclusive products of the CAV.

    Contributions are fiscally deductible.

  • How can you hire?In any office of Caja Laboral, calling Telebaka (901333444) or through Caja Laboral Net.
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Collective financing or 'crowdfunding': a lifeline for creators

A promotional image of Verkami, one of the existing collective financing platforms in Spain. Verkami

Last May, the members of Riot Cinema, one of the youngest teams in Spanish cinema, were getting ready to start filming the science fiction movie El Cosmonauta . They had acquired two authentic space suits, had 120,000 euros and a Russian investor had committed to provide another 120,000. But at the last moment the foreign co-producer withdrew claiming liquidity problems. The project had to be canceled. Or not?

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