The crisis PSA live: Safran ready to take over 400 employees

20h00 – The electronics group Safran and defense studies the hiring of 400 employees of the automotive group PSA Peugeot Citroen said on Europe 1 the deputy CEO of Safran, Dominique-Jean Chertier. However, these hires will not come necessarily offset the announced job cuts Thursday. “We are looking for qualified personnel (…) in the month of April, were selected profiles, made proposals for a target of about 400 people ranging from highly skilled worker to the engineer,” said Dominique-Jean Chertier.

7:15 p.m. – Of the 8,000 job cuts, 579 would fall in Sochaux, according to the CGT, based on documents provided by management. 369 series removed in the area of Research and Development, 200 in the production sector and 10 in various departments. “It is at Sochaux that the French automotive industry has started and everyone thought protected from the crisis, but now even Sochaux is impacted,” he told AFP Pascal Pavillard, general secretary FO PSA Sochaux.

19.00 – PSA employees who lose their jobs could be reclassified in companies where the state has an interest. The aviation sector, in particular, has shown interest for the engineers and technicians of PSA. “The car has skills that are of interest to the aerospace, especially in engineering and in the supply chain,” said Thierry Baril, Head of EADS Human Resources.

18h30 – The title PSA rebounded slightly late in the session to close at 7.02 euros (-1.74%) at the close of trading.

18.15 – Francois Hollande called his Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault and his Minister of Productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg, to inform them of his “deep concern” about the plan than 8,000 PSA job cuts, said Elysee AFP. The president has asked his ministers to do everything possible to limit the social consequences of this plan.
18h- The political advantage of the social crisis that affects PSA to criticize them.

Bernard Accoyer. “The difficulties experienced PSA (…) reflect the decline in the competitiveness of our industry in the international economic competition,” he said in a statement. The former president of the National Assembly said that the previous majority had made decisions “strong and adapted to reduce labor costs,” including VAT antidélocalisation or overtime tax-free. He denounced the démantelage of these devices by the government Ayrault, the accused to show “dogmatism”.

François Rebsamen. “We must demand from the direction of PSA there is a sincere and transparent social dialogue that makes that sustainable employment is maintained as much as possible and secondly maintaining industrial automotive business in our country”, the president said the PS group in the Senate on the set of France 3. He added that the new government inherited a social plan “delayed, postponed and hidden.”

Valérie Pécresse. The former Minister of Higher Education called regional president Jean-Paul Huchon to set up “an emergency plan mobilizing all the skills of the region’s economic development and training to support 3,000 employees Site of Aulnay-sous-Bois.

5:10 p.m. – Pierre Moscovici deplores the removal of 8,000 jobs at PSA and wishes “that nobody is left in the lurch.” “We must provide structural responses to both the situation of the company and the situation of the entire industry because behind the builders, there are sub-contractors, whose fate is closely linked to PSA,” added Minister of Economy and Finance.

17.00 – Karl-Friedrich Stracke, the CEO of Opel resigned to “take special functions” within the parent company General Motors, announced Reuters. He will assume “the interim head of GM’s European operations,” said Opel in a statement. In late February, the US carmaker had formalized its alliance with PSA. 7% stake in PSA is owned by GM to date.

4:40 p.m. – PSA title loses 2.74% to 6.94 euros on the Paris Stock Exchange, its lowest level since 1989.

4:20 p.m. – New reactions of the political class.

Jean-Marc Ayrault. The Prime Minister said in view of the serious situation of the industry justification of renewal of the social dialogue symbolized by the “great social conference” the beginning of the week. “Do you find it normal that employee representatives are not present in the boards to be informed upstream strategies entrepreneurs often for short-term reasons, financial, send in the wall of industrial groups?” has he told senators. “This practice is over, we want to turn the page.”

Marie-George Buffet. Communist MP for Seine-Saint-Denis called the government a law against dismissal in profitable companies, applicable from this month. “PSA declared war on us,” she said.

Marine Le Pen. The president of the National Front asks the State to support French industry “protecting from the unfair international competition.”

15.40 – Benoit Hamon said of PSA that “the reality of a company that was losing money was deliberately hidden.” The Minister for Social and Solidarity Economy called the announcement by the company of 8,000 job cuts to “catastrophe.” “This is a very serious decision, they are whole families that are devastated by the loss of a job, it is a disaster that meets anticipation mistakes, strategic mistakes industrially” a- he insisted.

3:20 p.m. – Arnaud Montebourg said in the Senate that “the government does not accept as is” the restructuring plan presented by PSA. The Minister of Productive Recovery appointed an expert, Emmanuel Sartorius, who must consider the financial situation of the private group. “We will ask first PSA to justify the situation is this, and then open a social dialogue that Prime Minister demanded as exemplary,” he said. An initial diagnosis is expected in late July.

15h – The European Commission said it was ready to discuss with the French government’s support requests for employment, following the elimination of 8,000 jobs at PSA. “The Commission is ready to consider requests from the French authorities, either on the basis of the European Globalization Fund is based on the European Social Fund,” he said during a press briefing Jonathan Todd, spokesman for the Commissioner European for employment, Laszlo Andor. “France would have the proof that the dismissals were due to the effects of globalization,” he added.

14.30 – The movement advocates the EELV Britain reduction of working time to maintain activity at the site of the Janais (Rennes) where suppression of 1,400 jobs from a total of 5,600 employees of the plant was announced. “It is possible to maintain the activity at the site of the Janais while maintaining on-site skills. This particular through the implementation of solutions based Kurzarbeit, a public program, Germany has protected a large number of industrial jobs by reducing working time (compensation of employees being complemented by public funds), “said in a statement EELV.